Well, the day is here. 

Tomorrow Brandon and I are headed to my redemption marathon, the Miracle Match Marathon in Waco TX. 

As most of you may know, my goal race was the Dallas Marathon and sadly it was canceled due to bad weather in December. BUT Brandon and I are extremely blessed and someone offered to pay my way in to the marathon in Waco this weekend. {THANK YOU SO MUCH--you know who you are!!}

There are two things I have read about the race that are important to know:
1. Be prepared for hills
2. Once you think you are prepared for hills, prepare some more...

Ya see, this Marathon is known to be the toughest in Texas. Just typing that out makes my legs hurt, my heart beat a little faster, and head sweat. 

As I am sitting here my nerves are growing by the minute, but despite that my GPS watch is plugged in and charging, every piece of my running wardrobe that might possibly come in handy is sitting on our bed ready to be packed {Better to be over prepared than under, right?}, and my shoes are laced and ready to go. 

I have prepared for this run {maybe not the hills--but we'll see}. I have put in the miles, the training, and the heart. However, I still sit here nervous as can be. Nerves aren't a bad thing though. I am thankful I sit here today nervous and excited instead of frustrated and burnt out. 

My love for running has grown deeper than I ever imagined over the past year. I have some pretty exciting goals for 2014 and beyond and can't wait to share more after this 26.2 miles on Sunday.  



01/24/2014 4:06pm

Run with joy! Have a blessed run...thrive on hills or survive on hills and its all in the attitude.


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