I ran my first marathon in April 2007, with little intention of ever running another. Little did I know that the drug had already been released. For those that have experienced what I am talking about you can understand where I am coming from. One race is never enough; you want to improve your time, you want to travel to different cities, you want to join a fanatic group….and so the addiction begins.

I am honored and humbled all together to say that this past weekend I crossed my 5th Marathon finish line. It did not come simply; there was much struggle and frustration. My preparation was not at all what I hoped it would be and planned for it be. I think that is why this is so much more of a notable accomplishment in my mind is the fact that I really didn’t think I would be running the full 26.2 miles because I did not feel as though I was physically prepared.

I began my training in July, with my only time to run during the week being in the afternoon heat, I struggled to get majority of my weekday workouts in. Therefore I lived and died by my weekend long runs. This is not at all the ideal situation, however I am privileged to teach some bodyweight fitness classes and lead a running group through our local YMCA which served as my XT days and I believe that is what carried me.

Megan signed us up for the Kansas City Marathon back in March, she received a coupon code from a previous race and we thought it would be a great experience. We would definitely recommend this event to anyone. Our experience with the packet pick up Friday evening was great, and the fitness expo was loaded with plenty of quality vendors and information. The event itself was held on Saturday which is the first marathon I have run on a Saturday. The weather was perfect, 34 at gun time and around 58 when I crossed the finish. The families and citizens of KC that lined the streets were some of the best I have ever witnessed. I even received some exuberant ovations from some incredible front yard watch parties, and plenty of free bananas along the way. The course was laced with plenty of aid stations, staffed with unbelievable volunteers. An experience I won’t forget crossing that finish line, having a medal placed on my neck, a mylar blanket around my back and a hot barbeque sandwich in my hand. Kansas City is a beautiful city with a great culture and atmosphere. We will be back.

I am very thankful for my wife, Megan, who is so supportive of me running marathons. The time and demand that training requires is a major toll on a family and she is so supportive of us staying active. So I can’t say enough how much I appreciate her.

This journey to 5 has been long it seems however, I already of visions of how I will make it to 10.


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