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Well, we are almost one month into the year of 2014 and I guess it is about time I blog about the big goal I have set for myself for the year twenty-fourteen. 

Twenty-Thirteen was a great year for me as a wife, momma, and a runner. I accomplished my goal of running 1,000 miles despite having a baby and taking a few months off. I ran this 5K & this 5K with my momma. I ran the KC Half in October, and sadly my marathon was cancelled in December so plans had to change a little bit towards the end of the year.

With that being said this year my goal is not going to be about total mileage.

So, here it is:
 In August of '14 I turn 26 years old. 26 is an important number in the running world. The distance of a marathon is 26.2 miles. Therefore, my big running goal for 2014 is to run the distance of a marathon each month of the year. {yikes!} 

12 Marathons in 12 Months!

No, sadly that does not mean Brandon and I will be traveling the country participating in 12 awesome marathons. Funds would just not allow that. My plan is to run 4 {or 5} official marathons throughout the year. Some of the races include but aren't set in stone : 
Miracle Match Marathon,  January {Just finished this past weekend, click here to read the review!}
A2A Marathon, March {I officially signed up for this race today!!}
Kansas City Marathon, October
 Route 66 Marathon, November
Dallas Marathon, December

The other marathons will be ran here at home around Perry, We might venture to Tulsa, OKC, or Stillwater for a change of scenery, but I plan on running the marathons the last weekend of each month unless there is a prior commitment or a race scheduled for that month. 

This year is all about running more, eating more veggies, simplifying our life, growing closer together, and just enjoying everything God has given us as as a family. I hope you join us on another crazy adventure. 



Tyler Vining
02/01/2014 10:21am

Sounds like a great 2013 and great goals for 2014! I also turn 26 in August and hope to do my first 26 miler around that time. I found your blog on Jeremy's FB page and since I'm a running enthusiast I thought I'd say hi. Jeremy and Sarah are in a church small group with my wife and I. I have run a couple halves since starting running one year ago and would like to do my first full this year. Best of luck in twenty fourteen!


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